South Euclid Police Rescue Baby From Locked, Hot Car

(South Euclid) - Police say they may have saved the life of a baby locked inside a hot car on Monday.

Police posted video of the rescue on their Facebook page. Monday evening, a shopper at the Walmart on Warrensville Center Road saw a baby asleep, and alone, in the back seat of a parked car. The windows were up. The temperatuere outside was 75, humidity was high, and the sun was directly on the car.

South Euclid Police were able to open the car, and the little girl inside was taken out safely. She was sweaty and warm, but otherwise okay.

Her father came back to the car, and said he left her inside, as she was asleep, and had a cold. He has been charged with endangering children.

(Photo courtesy South Euclid Police via Facebook)

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