AG Barr Speaks to WTAM

(Cleveland) - WTAM news reporter/anchor Tom Moore had the opportunity Thursday to sit down one-on-one with U.S. Attorney General William Barr to talk about Operation Legend, the federal program to fight violent crime in Cleveland and eight other major cities. It began a month ago, and is named for a Kansas City boy who was the victim of gunfire.

Barr was in Cleveland on Thursday to meet with police officers and agents who are part of the program. In each city, additional money and resources are being given to local police departments, and there's a re-deployment of federal agents to deal with violent crime in those cities. Those agents are from the FBI, the ATF, and other federal agencies.

Barr says so far in Cleveland, 32 defendants have been charged with federal crimes outlined below, with some defendants charged with multiple offenses. Two defendants remain fugitives. 22 defendants have been charged with federal drug trafficking charges; nine defendants have been charged with federal firearms violations; and one defendant has been charged with carjacking.

According to Barr, he doesn't expect an expansion of Operation Legend to other cities, and he's pleased with how well it's operating so far, but it may be expanded.

(Photo by Tom Moore, WTAM)

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