LaRose Wants To Make Every Mailbox A Ballot Drop Box

(Columbus) - Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose knows it usually takes two stamps or more to mail back an absentee ballot, so he wants to relieve voters of that burden. He has proposed a way to cover the cost of postage on every ballot returned by mail in this fall's general election.

LaRose is asking the Ohio Controlling Board to use money from the Business Service Division fund within his office to cover the cost of postage on all absentee ballots. The Business Service Division fund is money from fees paid by businesses when they file paperwork with the Secretary of State's office.

LaRose says he had proposed using general fund money to pay the postage, but the General Assembly took no action on that proposal. He has also asked to use federal funding to pay the postage, but Washington continues to debate whether to send that funding to the states.

“If the controlling board approves our request, they will effectively be making every mail box a drop box for millions of Ohioans, making it easier than ever to cast a ballot in a general election,” said LaRose.

(Photo courtesy Ohio Secretary of State)

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