Medicinal Marijuana Business Burglarized

(Painesville) - The Lake County Sheriff's Office is looking for help from anyone who has information about a breaking and entering at Bloom Medicinal, a seller of medicinal marijuana, in Painesville Township.

Sheriff's deputies say they got a call to the business on Blackbrook Road Tuesday morning. The rear door to the building had been forced open. Whomever broke in also broke through a layer of drywall, and then a layer of reinforced concrete, in an effort to get to a vault.

Cutting tools were used to break through the steel vault door, which is where the business stored medicinal marijuana, and cash

An unknown amount of marijuana product and cash were taken.

Internet wires to the building had been cut, and that prevented the Sheriff's office from receiving an alarm.

Anyone with information about this can call the Lake County Sheriff's Office at 440-350-5620.

(Photo courtesy Bloom Medicinal)

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