Bay Village Police Blotter: Catching a Breeze Through the Sunroof

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On August 4th, at 2:05pm, a resident arrived on station to report that her bicycle was stolen on the evening of July 30. The 18 year old female reported that she had spent the night at her friend’s house in the 26000 block of Knickerbocker Road the evening when the bike was stolen. When the owner went to leave the next day, the bike was gone. The bike was described as a turquoise, full-size girl’s Nishiki brand bike. The bike did not have a bike license. Bay Village Detectives are investigating.

The Bay Village Police would like to encourage residents to register their bicycles with the police department. Individuals can come to the police station, fill out the appropriate form which includes the bike serial number and other identifying information and will get a bike license sticker to attach to the bike frame. This is a free service.

On August 4th at 6:16am, Bay Village Police were dispatched to the Bay Village Speedway on report of a suspicious female loitering outside the store. Officers arrived and spoke with the confused female who stated she was staying in a Westlake Hotel. Officers attempted to find where she was staying and anyone who knew her but were unable to locate anyone. The distressed female was later transported by the Bay Village Fire Department to a local hospital for evaluation.

On August 6th, at 9:19pm, Bay Village Police were on patrol on Wolf Road near Bracken Way. The patrolling officer noticed a vehicle heading his direction. The vehicle in question caught his eye because a juvenile female was standing up inside the car with her entire upper half outside of the sunroof. The vehicle was stopped and the offender was cited for not wearing her seatbelt. She is facing charges in Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court.

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