Don't Vote? They'll Remove Your Name From The Voter List

(Columbus) - Here's a good reason to vote this fall. It's a way to keep your name on the voter rolls.

In Ohio, your name can be removed from the list of eligible voters if you don't vote for four years, or fail to respond to two years worth of mailed notices, asking if you still want to vote. The presumption is that those who haven't voted are either dead, or have moved.

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose will ask county boards of election after the November election to go over voter lists, and determine which names should be considered for removal. Last time that was done, 182,000 inactive voters were removed from the voter lists.

LaRose says plans include publishing lists of voters who will have their names stricken from the voter rolls, to give people time to say something to their board of elections.

(Photo by Tom Moore/WTAM)

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