Propane Tanks Check Out

(Cleveland) - It's summertime, and there's a pandemic, keeping people home. That means some of us are doing more grilling. Because of that, Cuyahoga County wanted to make sure you're getting the amount of propane for which you are paying.

Cuyahoga Department of Consumer Affairs had inspectors from the county's Division of Weights and Measures check out propane cylinders sold at sites across the county.

98% of the tanks tested were over the labeled weight, meaning purchasers would get a little extra grill time out of each cylinder. On average, there was about an extra pound of propane in each 15-pound tank. Inspectors found one tank that was eight pounds overweight.

However, five of the 358 tanks tested failed, as they were underweight. The average failure was a little over a quarter pound under. One tank was three pounds light. All the failed tanks were set aside, and sent back to their distributors to be properly filled.

Overweight tanks are allowed to be sold.

The tests were done over the past month at retailers where customers exchange their empty tanks for filled ones. Brands tested were Advanced Gas and Welding Supplies, AmeriGas, Blue Rhino, Melzer’s Fuel Service, Pinnacle Propane, Pinnacle Express, Rapid Propane Exchange and Sunset Cylinder Exchange.

(Photo by Joe Raedle, Getty Images)

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