Parents Rally Outside of CLE Diocese in Support of In-Person Learning

(Cleveland, OH) - Earlier Monday morning parents rallied outside of the Cleveland Diocese to ask for Catholic Schools to continue in-person learning for the upcoming school year.

The rally of over 100 students, parents and other participants took place at noon while principals at Cleveland-area Catholic schools met with the Diocese to discuss education plans for the 2020-2021 school year.

Per guidance from the Ohio Board of Health, most schools in Cuyahoga County have announced plans to begin the academic year remotely.

Prior to the Cuyahoga County’s Board of Health recommendations, leaders from the Cleveland Diocese said it was expected that approximately 40,000 Catholic school students would attend classes, with an option for remote learning.

The superintendent for Cleveland Diocese schools Dr. Frank O'Linn says plans may be adjusted now following the health department’s announcements. You can view his summer update here.

Photo Courtesy: Diocese of Cleveland

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