Blue Lobster Settling In At Akron Zoo

(Akron) - The rare blue lobster saved by an employee of a Red Lobster restaurant about a week ago is settling into her new home at the Akron Zoo, and with a new name.

Zoo officials changed the lobster's name from Clawde to Clawdia, after they did a veterinary exam, and discovered the crustacean is a female. The Akron Zoo says that means the lobster's home that has been built out of rocks is a "she shed" rather than a "man cave."

Clawdia has a few bumps and bruises from her journey to Akron. The zoo says the next few months are critical for the lobster as she prepares for her annual molt, a time in which lobsters of any color are vulnerable.

Only one out of every 2,000,000 lobsters are blue due to a genetic mutation.

(Photo courtesy Akron Zoo)

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