Strange Seeds Coming In The Mail, Maybe From China

(Columbus) - If you receive a package in the mail with seeds in it, and it's something you didn't order, don't plant those seeds, and don't throw them away.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture is joining with agriculture departments across the country into looking into reports of people receiving unsolicited seeds in the mail. They seem to have come from China, given the markings on the package.

Nobody knows yet what these seeds are, and there's a good chance they may be for some kind of invasive plant species.

If you get a package of seeds in the mail that you didn't order, don't open the package, and don't throw away the outside packaging. Report it immediately to the Ohio Department of Agriculture, or the USDA. Make sure you keep the original package, as that can help them track down the source of the seeds.

(Photo courtesy Ohio Department of Agriculture)

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