Sewage Discharge Into Lake Erie

(Cleveland) - Today is not a safe day to swim in Lake Erie, especially at Edgewater Beach. The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District posted a public advisory at Edgewater Beach as a result of a combined sewer overflow event at the beach Monday afternoon.

This overflow discharged a combination of raw sewage and stormwater into Lake Erie during Monday's heavy rain. Visitors (particularly children, the elderly and those in ill health) are advised to avoid contact with the water and debris.

Throughout the mid-1970s, the combined sewer outfall at Edgewater Beach discharged raw sewage into Lake Erie approximately 40 to 50 times per year. However, because of the Sewer District’s investments and improvements to aging infrastructure, the Edgewater combined sewer overflow discharges have significantly decreased. The last Edgewater discharge was March 29, 2020.

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