Cleveland's Presidential Debate History

(Cleveland) - Cleveland has a long history of hosting presidential debates, going back 40 years.

1980 - President Jimmy Carter and former California Governor Ronald Reagan squared off at Public Music Hall in what was their only debate together. There was an earlier debate in Baltimore between Reagan and independent John Anderson, but Carter did not take part. This was the debate where Reagan dismissed Carter's statements by saying, "There you go again."

2004 - A debate between vice presidential candidates, Republican incumbent Dick Cheney, and Democrat Senator John Edwards was held at Case Western Reserve University.

2008 - Early in the primary season, Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton squared off at Cleveland State University's Wolstein Center.

2015 - More than a year before the general election, 16 Republican candidates squared off at Quicken Loans Arena downtown. Since there were so many candidates, there were actually two debates, with the major candidates debating in the evening, and lesser-known ones in the late afternoon. This was Donald Trump's first debate appearance.

(Photo from YouTube video)

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