Cuyahoga County Launches Website to Check Ohio Businesses Mask Mandate

Ohio - County of Cuyahoga

(Cleveland, OH) - During Cuyahoga County's Covid-19 briefing Friday, County Executive Armond Budish talked about a new way for residents to be interactive with their mask-wearing in public.

Budish compared the site to searching for things like movies or hotels, in that you can share experiences of the businesses that are and are not following proper protocols.

Budish says the process is simple. Go to, click "Submit a Report", enter some personal information like your email, phone number and date of observation, then provide the name and location of the business. the website also asks a few more 'yes' or 'no' questions.

The goal of the site is to almost be like a "mask-yelp" to reward those businesses following proper procedures and find out who is not.

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