Feds May Bring "Operation Legend" To Cleveland

(Washington) - Cleveland is one of the cities that could soon see an expansion of a federal effort to, as the White House put it, "quell the unacceptable levels of recent violence in U.S cities."

The White House press office on Wednesday said Operation Legend, which started in Kansas City, is being expanded into Chicago, and Albuquerque. Over the next three weeks, the Justice Department plans to expand the initiative into Cleveland, Detroit, and Milwaukee.

Operation Legend is an "interagency law enforcement effort" led by the Department of Justice and named after LeGend Taliferro, a four-year-old boy shot and killed in his bed after a gunman opened fire in an apartment building in Kansas City.

According to the White House, $61 million will be provided by the Justice Department to hire hundreds of new police officers, and about 200 federal agents will be permanently assigned to these cities.

(Photo courtesy FBI)

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