Floating Movies Said To Be Coming To Cleveland

(Cleveland) - If you're looking to go to a movie, but you're worried about being close to other people, here's an idea.

An Australian company called Beyond Cinema says it is bringing their Floating Boat Cinema to Cleveland, September 23-27.

They say you will pay for up to eight seats on a small boat with other members of your family or close friends. That will allow for social distancing. Between 12 and 24 of those boats will be out on a body of water, floating, and you can watch movies on an onshore screen.

There is no word yet on which body of water will be the site of this event, or which movies will be shown. Beyond Cinema would have to get the appropriate permits to have the boats on the water, and set up the screen.

Beyond Cinema is a company that specializes in what it calls "immersive cinema taking you into the heart of the action." Their website says they specialize in showings of movies in environments that make you feel like you're on the set of the movie, such as showing The Shawshank Redemption in an old prison, or The Great Gatsby in a mansion.

(Photo courtesy Beyond Cinema)

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