Put-in-Bay COVID-19 Test Results Come Back

(Put-in-Bay) - The Ottawa County Health Department tested nearly 1,000 people in the island resort town of Put-in-Bay for COVID-19, and found the numbers were not as high as expected.

Of the 984 people tested, 66 came back positive. Ottawa County health commissioner Jerry Bingham told the Sandusky Register that the rate of about 7% was lower than expected.

The testing was done over the past weekend after photos of large crowds at bars and pools in the island resort were posted on social media, followed by reports that many people had tested positive.

All of those who tested positive will be contacted by the health department, and contact tracing will be done, to determine how the virus has spread.

Bingham says no businesses will be shut down, but some may voluntarialy shut down for disinfection if an employee tests positive.

(Photo courtesy Put-in-Bay Visitors Bureau)

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