Famous Birthdays Today- Kevin Bacon Is 62

July 8th


  • Kevin Bacon is 62 (“Apollo 13,” “Footloose,” “A Few Good Men,” “Mystic River,” “The Following”) (FAST FACT: Bacon has also become an icon for the concept of interconnectedness – as in social networks – having been popularized by the game "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon". In 2007, he created SixDegrees.org, a charitable foundation that connects everyday folks with the causes their favorite celebs care about.)
  • Jamie Blackley is 29 (“Snow White and the Huntsman,” “Uwantme2killhim?,” “The Fifth Estate,” “If I Stay,” “The Halcyon”)
  • Sophia Bush is 38 (“Chicago PD,” “One Tree Hill,” “John Tucker Must Die,”) (FAST FACT: Back in April 2005, Bush married her ‘OTH’ co-star Chad Michael Murray. After five months of marriage, Bush and Murray split and by February 2006, Bush filed for an annulment, citing fraud – but her petition was denied, and she and Murray were instead granted a divorce in December 2006.)
  • Rocky Carroll is 57 (“Roc,” “Crimson Tide,” “Chicago Hope,” “NCIS”)
  • Billy Crudup is 52 ("Almost Famous," “Watchmen,” “Public Enemies,” “Spotlight,” “Without Limits,” “Covenant,” “Justice League”) (FAST FACT: He infamously dumped his then-pregnant girlfriend Mary Louise Parker for Claire Daines in 2004. They split two years later.)
  • Lance Gross is 39 (“Meet The Browns,” “Our Family Wedding,” Tyler Perry’s House of Payne,” “Crisis”)
  • Anjelica Huston is 69 (“The Adams Family,” “The Royal Tenenbaums,” “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou”)
  • Robert Knepper is 61 (“Heroes,” “Prison Break,” “Good Night, and Good Luck,” “Transporter 3”)
  • Jake McDorman is 34 (“Live Free or Die Hard,” “Greek,” “Limitless”)
  • Eve Myles is 42 (“Torchwood,” “Belonging”)
  • Jeffrey Tambor is 76 (“The Hangover,” “Arrested Development,” “Tangled,” “Transparent”)
  • Michael Weatherly is 52 ("Dark Angel," “Charmed,” “NCIS,” “Bull”)
  • Jamal Woolard is 45 (“Notorious,” “Barbershop: The Next Cut,” “All Eyez On Me”)
  • Milo Ventimiglia is 43 (“Gilmore Girls,” “Rocky Balboa,” “Heroes,” “The Whispers,” “Opposite Sex,” “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,” “This Is Us”)
  • The late Marty Feldman(1934-1982) …he would been 86(“At Last the 1948 Show,” “Marty,” “Young Frankenstein,” “Silent Movie”)


  • Beck is 50 (FAST FACT: His last name – he’s got one! – is Hansen. His birth name is actually Bek David Campbell Hansen)
  • Arctic Monkeys’ Jamie Cook is 35
  • Sky Ferreira is 28
  • Depeche Mode’s Andy Fletcher is 59
  • Toby Keith is 59
  • Steve Lawrence is 85
  • Joan Osborne is 58
  • Raffi is 72


  • Celebrity kid Penelope Disick (Daughter of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick) is 8 (FAST FACT: Her birth was filmed for her mother’s show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”)
  • Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck is 71
  • Celebrity kid and model (and sometime actor/ “The Pursuit of Happyness”) Jaden Smith is 22
  • Screenwriter and animator Pendleton Ward is 38 (He created the Cartoon Network series, “Adventure Time”)
  • The late fashion designer Hugo Boss (FAST FACT: He once produced uniforms for the Nazi party)(1885-1948)
  • The late billionaire and co-founder of Standard Oil Company John D. Rockefeller(1839-1937)
  • The late former New York governor and Vice-President under Gerald Ford Nelson Rockefeller(1908-1979)

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