Governor DeWine Announces Reopening Plans for Ohio Schools this Fall

Columbus - We now have a better idea about what K-12 schools will look like this fall.

Governor DeWine made an announcement of guidelines that the over 600 school districts in Ohio must follow.

That includes the following:

  • Access symptoms of the virus - This meaning that any student or staff that has a temperature over 100 degrees or has symptoms should stay home, while if they have those symptoms in-school, they must be sent home. DeWine is also tasking local districts to work with Health officials to set up a testing procedure for those who do show symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Wash and Sanitize Hands Frequently.
  • Sanitize and Clean Schools Frequently.
  • Social Distance as often as possible - including in Classrooms, hallways, buses, etc.
  • Develop a Face-Covering Policy - The guidelines state that ALL staff and schools MUST wear a face shield of covering, unless it is ruled unsafe in a scenario or severely effects learning. Students in 3rd grade and up are also STRONGLY encouraged to wear a mask unless they cannot for medical reasons.

The governor also added most of the guidelines fall under a certain mantra, common sense.

As far as how many students can go into schools and when, DeWine is leaving that up to Local Districts.

To find out more info on the guidelines, click here.

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