A Fish Tale - A Tennessee Man Faces Charges For Illegal Fishing In Ohio

(Columbus) - Here's a fish story. A Tenneessee man learned the hard way that Ohio is serious about enforcing fishing laws.

The Ohio Division of Wildlife says they caught wind of two fishermen - one from Florida, one from Tennessee - taking too many fish while fishing on Lake Erie. The daily bag limit on Ohio's portion of Lake Erie is six walleye, and no longer than 15 inches. The tip came on the state's Turn In A Poacher hotline.

Ohio ODNR officers planned to contact the men while in Ohio, but found that the Tennessee man had returned home. Ohio wildlife officers contacted their counterparts in Tennessee, who met the man at his home. In his freezer, they found 28 individual bags of walleye fillets.

The frozen fish has become evidence in the case.

The Division of Wildlife says, Ohio Law requires a fish to be kept in an easily identifiable manner until it's ready to be eaten.

The state did not say what charges the man will face.

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