This Day In History- Tiger Woods Won The U.S. Open By A Record 15 Strokes

June 18th

Today in 1812,the United States issued a declaration of war on Great Britain, which began the War of 1812. The war was prompted by Britain’s violations of America’s rights on the high seas and the involvement of the British in Indian uprisings on the frontiers.

Today in 1873,suffragist Susan B. Anthony was fined $100 for trying to vote in the presidential election that had been held 7 months earlier.She never paid!

Today in 1928,Amelia Earhart completed a flight from Newfoundland to Wales in 21 hours. She became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.

Today in 1942,the U.S. Navy commissioned its first black officer, Harvard University medical student Bernard Whitfield Robinson.

Today in 1983,Sally Ride became the first American woman in space when NASA launched the Challenger space shuttle.

Today in 1984,outspoken and controversial Denver talk show host Alan Berg was shot to death outside his home. Two white supremacists were later convicted of civil rights violations in the slaying. Berg's life and death were chronicled in the book, “Talked to Death: The Life and Murder of Alan Berg by Stephen Singular. The book was an inspiration for the films, “Betrayed” and “Talk Radio.”

Today in 1996,Federal prosecutors in California charged Theodore Kaczynski in four of the Unabomber attacks.

Today in 1996,Richard Allen Davis was convicted in San Jose, California, of the 1993 kidnap-murder of 12-year-old Polly Klaas of Petaluma.During his final statement at the sentencing, Davis took the opportunity to accuse Polly’s father of molesting her. Still, little Polly’s death was not entirely in vain. Not only did her case make it easier for law enforcement to create a police for quick response in child abductions (there was none at the time), Davis’ criminal record inspired the push for a “three-strikes” law in the state.

Today in 1996,two Army transport helicopters collided and crashed during training exercisesnear Fort Campbell, Kentucky, killing six and injuring 33.

Today in 2000,Tiger Woods won the U.S. Open by a record 15 strokes.

Today in 2018,President Trump ordered the military to set up sixth branch of the military- a space force.

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