Dr. Acton Resigns As State Health Director

(Columbus) - Dr. Amy Acton has stepped down as director of the Ohio Department of Health.

Governor Mike DeWine announced Dr. Acton's decision Thursday at his COVID-19 news briefing. He had nothing but praise for the woman who helped him lead the state through the pandemic, saying "Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them wear a white coat embossed with the name Dr. Amy Acton."

The governor said that Dr. Acton told him she felt that it was time for her to step down. He has asked the doctor to now serve as his chief health advisor.

Dr. Acton, during the pandemic, became a daily presence in Ohio, with her appearances on what were daily briefings by the governor. She became a sort of folk hero to many, but she also had her detractors, who felt that she overstepped her authority. There were even protesters on her front lawn, and the legislature is considering a bill that would have limited the orders that the state health director could issue.

Lance Himes, who has served before as a past interim director of the Department of Health, will again be interim director.

(Photo courtesy Ohio Department of Health)

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