Famous Birthdays Today- Joe Montana Is 64

June 11th


  • Adrienne Barbeau is 75 ("Maude," “The Fog,” “Creepshow,” “Swamp Thing,” “Escape from New York”) (FAST FACT: Played the original Rizzo in Broadway’s “Grease”)
  • Ivana Baquero is 26 (“Pan’s Labyrinth”)
  • Peter Bergman is 67 (He has played Jack Abbott on “Young & The Restless” since 1989)
  • Peter Dinklage is 51 (“The Station Agent,” “Death at a Funeral,” “Elf,” “Game of Thrones”) (FAST FACT: He has been a vegetarian since he was 16)
  • Claire Holt is 32 (“Mean Girls 2” “H2O: Just Add Water”)
  • Joshua Jackson is 42 (“Dawson’s Creek,” “Fringe”)
  • Hugh Laurie is 61 (“Blackadder,” “House,” “The Night Manager”) (FAST FACT: Despite his dead-on American accent, he was born and raised in England)
  • Shia LeBeouf is 34 (“Transformers,” “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps,” “Lawless,” “The Company You Keep,” “Nymphomanias,” “Fury”)
  • Eugene Simon is 28 (“House of Anubis,” “Game of Thrones”)
  • The late Ryan Dunn(1977-2011)…he would have been 43(member of the Jackass crew who tragically died in a car accident in 2011)
  • The late Chad Everett(1937-2012) …would have been 83(best known as Dr. Joe Gannon in TV’s “Medical Center”)
  • The late Gene Wilder(1933 – 2016)…he would have been 87(“Blazing Saddles,” “Young Frankenstein,” “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” “Silver Streak,” “Stir Crazy,” “The Woman in Red,” “Haunted Honeymoon”)


  • ZZ Top’s Frank Beard is 71
  • Stereo MC’s Robert Birch is 59
  • Tonic’s Dan Lavery is 54
  • The Temptations’ Glenn Leonard is 73
  • Mariana’s Trench Josh Ramsay is 35
  • Bruce Robison is 54 (FAST FACT: Back in 2017, hecontracted typhusand was in sick bay for some time due to complications. The good news? He got better and has resumed touring.)
  • Lil Zane is 38 (born Zane R. Copeland Jr.)
  • Donnie Van Zant is 68
  • The late jazz pianist Hazel Scott(1920-1981)…she would have been 100(Recognized early as a musical prodigy, Scott was given scholarships from the age of eight to study at Juilliard. She began performing in a jazz band in her teens and was performing on radio at age 16.)


  • NFL Hall of Famer Joe Montana is 64 (He was named Super Bowl MVP three times, selected for the Pro Bowl eight times, and chosen for the 1980s All-Decade Team)
  • Author Robert Munsch is 75 (the popular children’s book “The Paper Bag Princess”)
  • Mehmet Oz is 60 (FAST FACT: Before being discovered by Oprah, Dr. Oz taught in the department of surgery at Columbia University)
  • WNBA MVP Diana Taurasi is 38 (FAST FACT: Dubbed the “White Mamba,” she plays for the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury as well as UMMC Ekaterinburg of Russia)
  • TV personality Greta Van Susteren is 66
  • The late explorer Jacques Cousteau(1910-1997)(He co-developed the Aqua-Lung, pioneered marine conservation)
  • The late Vince Lombardi(1913-1970)(Coach who led the Green Bay Packers to victory in Super Bowls I and II)
  • The late Jeanette Rankin(1880-1973)(A Republican from Montana,she became the first woman to serve in the U.S. Congress– in 1916)

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