Bay Village Police Blotter: Makeshift Fire Pit

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On June 4th, 2020 at 5:56pm, Bay Village Police were dispatched to the 26000 block of Osborn Road on report of smoke coming from the backyard of the residence. Police arrived and found two males burning leaves in a makeshift fire pit. Both males, a 52 year-old from Sidney, Ohio and a 26 year-old from Covington, Ohio were hired by the homeowner to do yardwork. Upon investigation, it was discovered that both males had active warrants for their arrest. The older male was advised to take care of his warrant by the entering agency. The younger male had felony warrants through Ohio State Highway Patrol Wooster and Ashland County Sheriff’s Office. These warrants were confirmed and the male was taken into custody. While being booked at BVPD, it was discovered that the male was in possession of counterfeit U.S. currency. The items were confiscated and the Bay Village Detective Bureau is investigating.

On June 7th, 2020 at 2:00pm Bay Village Police were dispatched to the station lobby on report of a theft complaint. The victim reported that he parked his bicycle in the bike racks outside of the Bay Village High School. When he came back later in the evening, it was gone. The bike was not locked up nor was it registered with the Bay Village PD. Police investigated and found the bike elsewhere on school property the next day. The owner was later notified to pick up the bike.

*The Bay Village Police reminds residents that as the weather warms, stolen bike reports go up. It is important to always secure bicycles with a sturdy lock and to register bikes with the Bay Village Police Department. This is a free service in which a registration form is filled out and left with the PD. A sticker with a serial number is then attached to the bike, making easier to find the owner if it is later lost or stolen. These registration forms can be picked up from the BVPD at dispatch. *

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