Famous Birthdays Today- Tennis Legend Bjorn Borg Is 64

June 6th


  • Aubrey Anderson-Emmons is 13 (“Modern Family”)
  • Robert Englund is 73 (Freddy Kruger in “A Nightmare on Elm Street”)
  • Harvey Fierstein is 66 (“Torch Song Trilogy,” “Bullets Over Broadway,” “Mrs. Doubtfire,” “Independence Day,” “The Year Without a Santa Clause”)
  • Paul Giamatti is 53 (“Sideways,” “Saving Private Ryan,” “Cinderella Man”)
  • Jason Isaacs is 57 (“Harry Potter,” “Awake”)
  • Staci Keanan is 45 (“Step by Step,” “You Again”) (FAST FACT: After retiring from acting in 2010, she went to law school and now practices law in Los Angeles)
  • Johnny Pacar is 39 (“Make It or Break It”)


  • Slayer’s Tom Araya is 59 (FAST FACT: He was a respiratory therapist, saving up money to help Slayer release their first album)
  • Gary U.S. Bonds is 81 (FAST FACT: He changed his name so that it would get confused with government bonds and therefore get more airplay – his actual middle name is Levone.)
  • Uncle Kracker is 46 (born Matthew Shafer)
  • Korn’s James Shaffer is 50
  • Steve Vai is 60


  • Chicago Bears’ corner back Prince Kelechi Amukamara is 31
  • Comedienne Sandra Bernhard is 65
  • Tennis legend Bjorn Borg is 64 (Swedish tennis ace who won Wimbledon five years in a row from 1976 to 1980. He also won the French Open six times in his career, which was a record before Rafael Nadal won his seventh in 2012)
  • Author Sarah Dessen is 50 (Her popular novels, “Someone Like You” and “That Summer,” became the basis for the 2003 film, “How to Deal,” which starred Mandy Moore.)
  • WWE Wrestler Drew McIntyre is 35
  • TV personality Natalie Morales is 48 (FUN FACT: She was born in Taiwan)
  • Funnyman Colin Quinn is 61
  • The lateAmerican Revolutionary Hero Nathan Hale(1755 -1776)(FAST FACTS: He graduated from Yale in 1773 and was captured and hanged by British forces following his failed espionage mission. His last words were: "I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.")

Sunday, June 7th

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