Cleveland's Mayor, Police Chief, Satisfied With Saturday Police Response

(Cleveland) - Cleveland's mayor and police chief say despite reports to the contrary, Cleveland was prepared for Saturday's events, which included a demonstration downtown, which at one point, resulted in violence, and looting.

Wednesday is the first day that things have been eased up with Cleveland's downtown curfew. Regular business and traffic are allowed in the downtown area from 6 a.m. until 8 p.m. until at least Friday.

Mayor Frank Jackson and Chief Calvin Williams, in a phone interview with WTAM's Tom Moore say the city was prepared. The chief says his men and women handled things well, and there was restraint in how they dealt with demonstrators on Saturday.

The chief also says there were additional resources ready to come in Saturday in the event things went bad. Chief Williams says he's glad to have the Ohio National Guard helping out, giving his officers relief.

Mayor Jackson says the curfew was eased up because there was only one night of violent events. So, he says it was decided to gradually reopen downtown and "see how it goes."

(Photos courtesy City of Cleveland)

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