This Day In History- Space Shuttle Discovery Blasted Into Orbit

May 31st

Today in 1057,famed tax protester Lady Godiva rode naked on horseback through Coventry, England.

Today in 1889,more than 2,200 people perished when a neglected dam and a phenomenal storm led to a catastrophe that sent water rushing through Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Today in 1970,nearly 100-thousand people died in Peru’s Ancash earthquake.

Today in 1985,88 people were killed, more than 1,000 injured, when 43 tornadoes swept through parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and Ontario, Canada, during an 8-hour period.

Today in 1989,House Speaker Jim Wright,dogged by questions about his ethics, announced he would resign. Thomas Foley later succeeded him.

Today in 1995,Senator Bob Dole accused Hollywood of promoting violence, rape and casual sex in music and movies, saying that "the mainstreaming of deviancy must come to an end."

Today in 2005,breaking a silence of 30 years, former FBI official W. Mark Felt stepped forward as “Deep Throat,” the secret Washington Post source during the Watergate scandal.

Today in 2008,Space shuttle Discovery and a crew of seven blasted into orbit, carrying a giant Japanese lab addition to the international space station.

Today in 2012,former Democratic Party presidential candidate John Edwards,was cleared on one count of corruption (he had been accused of accepting illegal campaign contributions,with a mistrial declared on the other five counts.

Today in 2013,a tornado in the Oklahoma City metro area claimed eight lives,including those of storm chasers Tim Samaras, his son, Paul, and Carl Young; 13 people died in flash flooding.

Today in 2014,Psy's "Gangnam Style"became the first video to reach two-billion views on YouTube.

Today in 2018, the Danish government banned garments that cover the face, including the niqab and burqa. 

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