Say Yes Cleveland Announces 2020-2021 Schools to Receive Support Services

Cleveland - Say Yes Cleveland has notified the second cohort of schools that will begin receiving Say Yes support services in the 2020-2021 school year.

The addition of these 26 schools – 18 K-8 schools and 8 high schools – brings the total number of schools receiving Say Yes Cleveland support services to 42, or approximately 40% of all CMSD and eligible charter schools.

For the first time, select charter schools were eligible to apply to receive Say Yes Cleveland support services. Three Breakthrough charter K-8 schools were among the schools selected. (While students at these charter schools will receive Say Yes support services, they will not be eligible for Say Yes scholarships unless they meet the requirements for residency and enrollment in a CMSD high school through grades 9-12).

“We are excited about expanding Say Yes Cleveland support services to an additional 26 schools next year,” said Diane Downing, executive director of Say Yes Cleveland. “The first year of Say Yes support services, which we launched this year in 16 schools, has helped students (and their families) overcome barriers and stay on track to success so that students will be better prepared to take advantage of Say Yes Cleveland’s postsecondary scholarships.”

While Say Yes Cleveland is rolling out support services over four years, all eligible seniors at all CMSD high schools can access Say Yes postsecondary scholarships. All remaining CMSD and eligible charter schools will receive support services by 2023, with approximately 30 schools being added in each of the next two years.

Say Yes Cleveland support services include: a Family Support Specialist in each school; the Say Yes Postsecondary Planning System, which helps identify student needs and enables the family support specialist to connect them with services and support; and access to services such as after-school and summer learning, mental health services, and legal services.

Thirty-one schools submitted applications to be on the second cohort of Say Yes Cleveland schools. A selection committee made up of key public and education partners carefully reviewed and scored each application. The committee considered enthusiasm for Say Yes support services, fit with the needs of the school and existing programs, the school’s plan for integration of the Family Support Specialist and support services, along with factors like school location, enrollment trends, and student needs.

“The selection committee had to make tough choices when assessing the applicants, but this isn’t a process about winners and losers; every CMSD school and eligible charter will receive Say Yes support services by 2023,” added Ms. Downing.

2nd Cohort of Say Yes Cleveland Support Service Schools starting in 2020-2021


  • Sunbeam
  • Campus International
  • Garfield
  • William Rainey Harper
  • Anton Grdina
  • Hannah Gibbons
  • Oliver H. Perry
  • Halle (formerly H. Barbara Booker)
  • Wade Park
  • Willson
  • AB Hart (formerly Fullerton)
  • Clark
  • Bolton
  • Louis Agassiz
  • Warner Girls' Leadership Academy
  • E Prep & Village Prep Woodland Hills Campus*
  • E Prep & Village Prep Cliffs Campus*
  • Citizens Leadership Academy

High School:

  • Davis Aerospace & Maritime High School
  • Ginn Academy
  • Campus International High School
  • Garrett Morgan
  • Cleveland School of the Arts
  • Rhodes School of Environmental Studies
  • John Hay Cleveland School of Science and Medicine
  • New Tech West

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