Watch Out For COVID-19 Contact Tracer Scammers

(Cleveland) - Cuyahoga County is issuing a warning about a scam, in which people pretend to be doing contact tracing for COVID-19, but it's just a way to get your private information.

The county's Department of Consumer Affairs hasn't received any word that such scams have been pulled in this area, but they have been pulled elsewhere.

Usually what happens is you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be doing contact tracing to determine the spread of coronavirus. The dead giveway the call is a fake is when they ask for your Social Security number or your bank account number.

The state of Ohio is hiring hundreds of contact tracers, and so are local boards of health.

You can tell the person calling you is legitimate if they know you were tested for COVID-19, they already have your birth date, if you need to be tested, they will tell you the locations of legitimate testing centers, and again, they will never ask for your Social Security Number.

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