MetroHealth Expects Brief Rise In COVID-19 Cases In Ohio

(Cleveland) - Officials at MetroHealth are expecting the number of coronavirus cases in Ohio to go up as people return to work, or to other routines out of of their homes.

However, MetroHealth CEO Dr. Akram Boutros says that if we continue to practice social distancing and other ways to stop the spread of COVID-19, hospitals will be able to hand this brief surge in cases.

MetroHealth is projecting a peak of 600 to 900 new cases per day by the end of the month, which is a rise from Monday's announcement of 500 new cases across Ohio.

MetroHealth's modeling says by the end of June, that number will drop to about 200 new cases per day.

Dr. Boutros told 3 News that the increase is not likely to be in the entire population of Ohio, rather, in a small number of people he says are "acting irresponsibly."

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