Flats Restaurant Responds To Reports Of Crowds

(Cleveland) - One of the local eating and drinking establishments that opened its patio over the weekend, but was reported to be overcrowded, was Lago East Bank, in the Flats. Lago has responded to those reports that they didn't practice social distancing.

On their Facebook page, Lago East Bank says their tables were properly spaced. But, there were times they say tested state guidelines.

Lago says they took immediate measures to thin the crowded areas. They say pictures that made it to social media were "one moment, one angle, one second of time."

They say they will adjust as necessary. At the same time, they say it's largely unrealistic, and exceedingly dificult to "control" their guests, and it's not necessarialy their responsibility to do so.

Here is the entire statement:

First off we want to say that we are humbled and so grateful for the overwhelming support that the community has shown Lago throughout this pandemic. We are so proud to be Clevelanders!

We have seen the pictures that have been posted and we certainly understand the concern accompanying those pictures. We also feel it is necessary to provide context.

Lago took great care to implement every guideline that has been set by the State of Ohio. All of our tables are properly spaced, and we have encouraged all of our guests to practice social distancing in line with state guidelines. There were times during our opening that tested those guidelines and we took immediate measures to thin the "crowded" areas. We believe we were able to provide a safe environment for all guests.

The pictures are one moment, one angle, one second of time. It in no way accurately reflects the time, money and effort that was put into preparing our business in line with the state guidelines within a week's time. We were operating at a limited capacity for two months and we were excited to welcome back our guests. The recent criticism certainly does not reflect the additional precautions that we implemented that go far beyond the Governor's guidelines, but we understand and will continue to adjust as necessary.

With that being said, we do not believe it is necessarily our responsibility to "control" our guests. It proved to be largely unrealistic and exceedingly difficult. We are not an enforcement agency. If the state provides further mandates that we must follow, we will certainly enact and follow those mandates.

Let us be very clear, Lago is committed to ensure that the safety and welfare of our local community and staff is a top priority. We stand by that with our ongoing support of first responders through our Essential Meals program; delivering 1,000 meals a week currently. We will continue to provide our guests the best dining experience possible while making sure best practices and guidelines are followed. #LoveLago

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