This Day In History- Robert A. Chesebrough Registered The Name “Vaseline”

May 14th

Today in 1787,delegates gathered in Philadelphia to draw up the Constitution of the United States.

Today in 1804,Meriwether Lewis & William Clark's expedition commissioned by Thomas Jefferson sets out from St Louis for Pacific Coast.

Today in 1878,Robert A. Chesebrough registered the name “Vaseline.”

Today in 1908,mechanic Charles Furnas became the first “airline” passenger when he rode in an airplane with Wilbur Wright. The flight was a short hop. Later the same day, Furnas flew with Orville Wright. They covered 4,506 yards in just over four-minutes.

Today in 1913,John D. Rockefeller created the Rockefeller Foundation with a gift of $100-million. With inflation in play, that would amount to more than $2-billion today.

Today in 1955,eight communist bloc countries including the Soviet Union signed the Warsaw Pact, an Easter European mutual-defense treaty, in Poland.

Today in 1967,Mickey Mantle joined six other baseball legends as he hit home run number 500– in Yankee Stadium.

Today in 1973,Skylab – America’s first manned space station –was launched as the first U.S. manned space station. Skylab was 118-feet tall and weighed 77-tons when launched into orbit around Earth. In 1973, the United States launched Skylab 1, its. (Skylab 1 remained in orbit for six years before burning up during re-entry in 1979.)

Today in 1985,the first McDonald's restaurant became the first fast-food business museum. It’s located in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Today in 1999,North Korea returned the remains of six U.S. soldiers that had been killed during the Korean War.

Today in 1998,the final episode of “Seinfeld”aired on NBC(FAST FACT: 30-second commercials went for $2-million apiece)

Today in 2000,tens of thousands of mothers – dubbed the Million Mom March –rallied in Washington to demand strict control of handguns. The march reportedly drew an estimated attendance of 750,000 people at the D.C. location, but with 150,000 to 200,000 people holding satellite events in more than 70 cities across the country, the total number of participants was indeed about a million.

Today in 2016,Gabriel Medina became the first surfer ever to land the "Backflip" in competition.

Today in 2018, the Supreme Court struck down a federal law banning sports gambling iin most states.

Today in 2018,it was revealed that First Lady Melania Trump was being treated in hospital for a benign kidney condition.

Today in 2018, the successful memory transfer in snails achieved by scientists from University of California published in journal "eNeuro."

Today in 2019,San Francisco became the first city to vote to ban use of facial recognition.

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