Large Number Of Drug Overdoses In Lorain

(Lorain) - Police say that in a 12-hour period on Saturday, they responded to a number of overdoses, in which the person believed they were ingesting cocaine, but it is suspectd to be Fentanyl.

Lorain Police made the announcement on their Facebook page. They did not say how many overdoses there were, or give information about the condition of the victims.

Police did list symptoms of an opioid overdose, saying, if a family member or loved one shows these signs, call 911 immediately:

-Loss of consciousness

-Unresponsive to outside stimulus

-Awake, but unable to talk

-Breathing is very slow and shallow, erratic, or has stopped

-For lighter skinned people, the skin tone turns bluish purple, for darker skinned people, it turns grayish or ashen.

-Choking sounds, or a snore-like gurgling noise (sometimes called the “death rattle”)


-Body is very limp

-Face is very pale or clammy

-Fingernails and lips turn blue or purplish black

-Pulse (heartbeat) is slow, erratic, or not there at all

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