Cedar Point, If It Opens, Will Operate Differently

(Sandusky) - If Cedar Point opens this year, expect a lot of changes at the 150-year-old amusement park, because of social distancing.

Richard Zimmerman, CEO of Cedar Point's parent company, Cedar Fair, told financial analysts in an earnings call that the changes will be in how visitors would have to deal with social distancing, keeping down the numbers in the park, and also keeping down the length of lines.

He suggested the possibility of having to make an appointment for the day you want to come to the park. Also suggested are virtual lines for rides. You'd make a reservation for the ride, and watch your phone for when it's your time to get on board that ride.

Once Cedar Fair gets the green light from the state to open, Zimmerman says the park could open in two to three weeks.

This was expected to be a record year for Cedar Point, because of special events related to the park's 150th anniversary.

Cedar Fair has already told people who have purchased annual passes for this year, that they'll also be good next year.

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