Akron Man Didn't Have COVID-19, But Family Blames Death on Coronavirus

(Akron) - The recent death of an Akron man, according to his family, can be blamed on the pandemic, but not the coronavirus itself.

Charles Thomas Shank's obituary in the Akron Beacon Journal says Shank didn't die of coronavirus, but did die because of the pandemic. The family wrote that his fast progressing illness was left untreated and undiagnosed, because "The health care system did not treat the illness with urgency."

Shank's widow told the Beacon Journal that if it hadn't been for COVID-19, her husband would have received test after test. The family's doctor told the paper part of it was timing, as Shank's symptoms came on as hospitals were prohibited from doing elective procedures.

Shank had symptoms that included acting like he had seizures, sudden weight loss. and signs of dementia. A CAT scan showed a cyst in his brain. A neurosurgeon said that cyst could have been in Shank's head all his life.

(Photo from Shank's obituary, Hummel Funeral Home)

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