RTA Installing Clear Vinyl Curtains Around Bus Drivers

(Cleveland) - The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) is installing clear vinyl curtains on all RTA buses and paratransit vehicles to provide a protective barrier between operators and customers.

The barriers are made of optically clear, marine grade vinyl and are custom cut to provide a secure enclosure that extends from the back of the bus operator’s seat to the front windshield and from ceiling to floor, between the seat and the fare box. Double-sided Velcro is being used to position the vinyl in place.

This barrier will help protect both operators and customers from any transfer of droplets and offers an added layer of protection for everyone while on board. RTA Chief Operating Officer, Floun’say Caver says, “We were able to quickly purchase a high-quality vinyl covering, similar to what is used on boats or on rear windshields on convertibles or jeeps. Because it is a compressed vinyl, visibility is very good and sun glare is not an issue for the driver.”

The vinyl can easily be rolled up and attached with Velcro straps for easy cleaning of the vehicle.

The full fleet is expected to have the curtains installed by next week.

(Photos courtesy Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority)

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