Want To See A Movie? Drive-in Theaters Can Open Next Week

(North Ridgeville) - Drive-in theaters are among the retail businesses that can open in Ohio next week, mainly because it's easier to practice social distancing at a place where you watch movies from inside your car.

Operators of the Aut-O-Rama Twin Drive-in by the Ohio Turnpike in North Ridgeville say they hope to open next Tuesday. They tell the Chronicle-Telegram there will be some changes.

Tickets will be sold only online. They will sell fewer tickets, to make sure cars are at least six feet apart. Employees will wear masks, and you will be encouraged to wear one when you go to the restroom or concession stand.

By the way, to minimize visits to the concession stand, they'll also temporarily suspend the rule against bringing your own food and beverages.

The Mayfield Road Drive-in Theater, near Chardon, says on its Facebook page they'll have more information as to when they'll open as soon as they confirm everything.

(Photo from Aut-O-Rama's Facebook page)

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