Recycle: Cleveland, No. The Rest Of The County, Yes.

(Cleveland) - There have been media reports in which Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson admitted that because of the cost, the city of Cleveland is dumping recyclable materials in landfills, not separating them at all. The reason for the cost is because people were not properly separating trash from recylables.

The Cuyahoga County Solid Waste district says there's been confusion about this in the other 57 communities in the county. They say this situation pertains only to the City of Cleveland.

Curbside recycling collected in other Cuyahoga County cities, villages and townships, are sent to three material recovery facilities to be processed. The county says, proper recycling reduces the cost of recycling by reducing the amount of non-recyclable material that has to be removed.

Cuyahoga County asks that you place only cans, cartons, glass bottles and jars, mixed clean paper and boxes, and plastic bottles and jugs into your recycling cart or bin.

There are some drop-off recycling options for Cleveland residents, including aluminum cans, mixed paper, and cardboard.

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