Geauga County Probate/Juvenile Court remain open during COVID-19 pandemic

Photo by Andrew Harnik / POO

In these unprecedented times, Geauga County residents will still have legal issues requiring access to the Probate/Juvenile Court.

In a press release on Monday, Judge Tim Grendell said "he and his staff want to assure Geauga residents that the Geauga County Probate/Juvenile Court will remain open and available to protect children, seniors and families." Judge Tim Grendell plans to take no time off as he will be available 24/7 to work with Sheriff Hildenbrand and his deputies, local Police Officers, Geauga County Jobs and Family Services, and the Department of Aging to provide essential judicial services to residents.

A few reminders:

-If you know of a child or family in need of emergency judicial services, please feel free to call Ann Walden at (440) 279-1854.

-If you know of a senior or someone disabled, in need of assistant or guardianship protection, please call Cheryl at (440) 279-1840.

-Currently, the Court is conducting most hearings through telecommunications to minimize the number of people who much physically appear in Court. For questions about an upcoming hearing, please call (440) 279-1830.

-Marriage license are still available, those in need of a marriage license can begin the application process online by clicking HERE.

Just like many others, Judge TIm Grendell and his staff will carefully wait to see how the coronavirus plays out. As always, if you have general questions about Court services or if Judge Grendell or his staff can be of other assistance, feel free to call Judge Grendell on his personal cell phone (440) 321-8282.

Judge Tim Grendell concluded by say "remember we are all in this together."

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