This Day In History- The Infamous Zodiac Killer Shot His First Victim

March 8th

Today in 1618,Johannes Kepler discovered the third Law of Planetary Motion. The law says that the squares of the periods of any two planets are equal to the radio of the cubes of their average distances from the sun. Kepler figured out this laws based on the carefully collected data of his mentor Tycho Brahe.

Today in 1910,Baroness de Laroche became the first female pilot. The daughter of a plumber, she received her license from the Aero-Club of France.

Today in 1948, the Supreme Court ruled in McCollum v. Board of Education that religious instruction in public schools is unconstitutional.

Today in 1985,John McPherson entered the “Guinness Book of World Records”when he kissed 4,444 women in eight-hours.

Today in 1990, the infamous Zodiac killer shot his first victim,Mario Orosco

Today in 1993, 8,600 children filed a $69-million class-action lawsuit in San Francisco against the U.S. federal government, claiming that their U.S. military fathers abandoned them in the Philippines. Their argument was that the government had an implied contract with the prostitutes who served the American military since the Navy promoted an “entertainment industry” next to the military base from 1945 to 1992.

Today in 1999,the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal on the conviction of Timothy McVeigh for the 1995 bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City.

Today in 2000,President Clinton submitted legislation to Congress that established permanent normal trade relations with China.

Today in 2014,Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing prompting the most expensive search effort in history.The official search ended in June 2018.

Today in 2018,five-million Spanish women marked International Women's Day by striking over gender inequality and sexual discrimination.

Today in 2019,the US national women's soccer team sued for equal pay by filing a federal gender discrimination lawsuit against United States Soccer Federation.

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