Cleveland APL to Hold Groundbreaking for $13.5-Million Project

Cleveland - A chance to serve more people, and animals.

A ceremonial groundbreaking event will take place at the Cleveland Animal Protective League on Wednesday, February 19th, at 9 am. The Cleveland APL is undertaking its first-ever capital campaign, titled Unleash the Dream, to renovate and expand the Tremont facility into an animal resource center for animals and people in our community.

Through this effort, the APL will align its facility to meet the needs of today’s lifesaving programs, be better able to adapt to the evolving needs of the animals and people who come to them for help, provide the animals who stay with them with a less stressful experience, and improve their ability to address what may come their way tomorrow.

The renovation will include expanded and enhanced clinic spaces where the APL will be able to offer more advanced medical care to homeless animals and provide more care to pets who are loved by income-qualified pet owners.

It will also allow them to: reduce stress and enhance the shelter experience for animals who are surrendered with the inclusion of an indoor dog play yard, catios for cats that need added enrichment, and improved housing and animal holding spaces, respond to the ever-changing needs of animals who need help, and provide additional community resources for people who love their pets so they can keep those families together.

All of those improvements expected to help create a more supportive environment for the shelter animals and families and pets in need of assistance.

“Animal sheltering and welfare has changed dramatically over the past 20 years when our current facility was last redesigned,” shared Cleveland APL President and CEO Sharon Harvey. “During that time, we have implemented innovative, progressive, lifesaving programs and have creatively adapted our increasingly outdated facility to meet those needs. But the time has come that we cannot continue to grow and change and meet the needs of the animals and people who come to us for help today without aligning our facility those needs. This project would not be possible without the support of animal-loving people who believe that these animals deserve to experience love and kindness.” 

The Cleveland APL has raised more than 75% of its goal of $13.5 million to complete the renovation. They are now reaching out to the community to help raise the final 25% of our goal. 

For more information, visit, which will launch on February 19th.

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