Day 6: No Surprises Just Smiles

As Indians Manager Terry Francona said last week, he and his team are "revved up" and ready to being a new season. Every season begins with Francona addressing the team in a way not just to "check a box and say we had a meeting" but to show the guys that he genuinely cares about them and he's not going to let them down.

Just as Francona will not let his players down, the players aren't going to let each other down as we are seeing that early this spring. As fielding drills wrapped up Jose Ramirez and Franmil Reyes went to one of the practice fields' dugout and talked about strategy and improvement when it comes to the defensive side of the ball. Francisco Lindor, also showing signs of not letting anyone down, giving Reyes grief after not being able to field the ball in left field during a batting practice session on Monday.

Okay, so Reyes needs a little work out there in left, but Indians fans, you should like what you see early on when it comes to his bat. Reyes hitting multiple homers in batting practice, including one that hit the scoreboard in center field.

On an upbeat note, Francisco Lindor is a man of the people. Everyone loves him and he loves everyone. Lindor was the last outside after practice concluded. He signed for everyone that came out to watch the first day of practice.

Back inside Lindor met with the media for the first time at camp. With all the talk of what the future holds for him as a member of the Cleveland Indians, he was asked why he wants to stay in Cleveland. With a smile, he answered "I love it here, the people are great, the city of Cleveland is good to me, why would I want to leave?"

As Lindor looks forward to this upcoming season he had a message for the fans, to come out and support the team especially in March, April and May: "I know it's going to be cold, Cleveland come out, we will be there giving it our best and it's gonna be a fun season" he continued: "I can't wait to show the world what we have in our city."

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