Verne Troyer Would Have Turned 51 Today


Morris Chestnut is 51 (“Boyz In the Hood,” “V,” “American Horror Story: Murder House,” “Nurse Jackie,” “Rosewood”)

Frank Langella is 82 (“Dracula,” “Dave,” “Good Night and Good Luck”)

Colin Morgan is 34 (“Merlin,” “The Living and the Dead,” “Humans,” “The Fall”)

Dedee Pfeiffer is 56 (“Cybill,” “For Your Love”)

The late Verne Troyer (1969 – 2018)…he would have been 51 (“Austin Powers,” “Men In Black,” “Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas”) 


Country Joe McDonald is 78

Tank is 44 (given name Durrell Babbs)

Grand Master Flash is 62 (born Joseph Saddler)

Echosmith bassist Noah Sierota is 24 

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