'Old Blue Eyes' Would Have Turned 104 Today

Madchen Amick is 49 (“Twin Peaks,” “Dream Lover,” “The Borrower,” “Witches of East End”)

Mayim Bialik is 44 (“The Big Bang Theory,” “Blossom,” “Beaches”)

Chanel Celaya is 28 (“21 Jump Street,” “Unstrung,” “Portend”)

Jennifer Connelly is 49 (“Labyrinth,” “Requiem for a Dream,” “A Beautiful Mind,” “Blood Diamond,” “Noah”) (FAST FACT: She’s been married to Paul Bettany since 2003 – they met in 2001 while working on “A Beautiful Mind”)

Sarah Douglas is 67 (“Superman I and II,” “Conan the Destroyer”)

Regina Hall is 49 (“Scary Movie” franchise, “Law Abiding Citizen,” “Think Like a Man”)

Wings Hauser is 72 (“Lightning Force,” “Roseanne,” “The Insider”)

Daniel Magder is 28 (“X-Men,” “Life with Derek,” “Angel Eyes”)

Bill Nighy is 70 (“Love Actually,” “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1,” “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”)

Kate Todd is 32 (“Radio Free Roscoe,” “My Babysitter’s a Vampire,” “The Tracey Fragments”)

Sheree Wilson is 61 (“Dallas,” “Walker, Texas Ranger”)

The late Edward G. Robinson(1893-1973)(“Double Indemnity,” “The Stranger,” “Key Largo”) (FAST FACT: In Hollywood’s Golden Age, he was best known for his roles as a gangster, such as Rico in “Little Caesar,” and as Rocco in “Key Largo.”) 


Dickey Betts is 76

Shelia E. is 62

Connie Francis is 81

Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick is 66

Dionne Warwick is 79

Hank Williams III is 47

The late Frank Sinatra(1915-1998)

The late Joe Williams(1918-1999)

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