A Night Of Dreams Gala & Auction

Believe In Dreams

Believe In Dreams invites you to the a Night of Dreams Gala and Auction at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in downtown Cleveland on February 1st.Help support youth in our community and help them to dream even bigger.

Believe in dreams was founded in 2014 by Cleveland entrepreneur John DiJulius III and his son Cal. John rose from humble beginnings to successful entrepreneurship with the love and support of his family and community. They instilled in him a drive to believe in himself and make a difference in the world. In 2009, John tragically lost Stacy, his wife and the mother of his three sons. In the years that followed, their middle son, Cal, became acutely aware that the support and opportunities for healing and hope he experienced were very different than for children who go through such hardships without an abundance of resources and support.

From his own life, John knew how poverty and adverse experiences left children with little hope or belief that their dreams were attainable. He understood the value that the power of opportunity, and others believing in him, had on him when he was young, and on his children, after their mother passed. He recognized how this, coupled with resilience and hard work towards personal goals, could alter a person’s’ life path.

From this vision Believe in Dreams was born. We have fulfilled over 100 individualized local dream experiences since 2014 and continue to increase our dream fulfillment capacity each year.

For tickets and more information visit: www.believeindreams.org/event/gala/

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