Hottie Beverly D'Angelo Turns 68 Today


Ed Asner is 90 (“The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” “Lou Grant,” “Elf, “ “Working Class,” “The Glades,” “The Good Wife”)

Beverly D’Angelo is 68 (“Christmas Vacation,” “National Lampoon’s Vacation,” American History X,” “Entourage”)

Zena Grey is 31 (“Snow Day,” “The Shaggy Dog,” “My Soul to Take”)

Bob Gunton is 74 (“The Shawshank Redemption,” “Demolition Man,” “Argo”)

Yaphet Kotto is 80 (“Alien,” “The Running Man,” “Midnight Run,” “Homicide: Life on the Street”)

Jonny Lee Miller is 47 (“Trainspotting,” “Hackers,” “Elementary”) (FAST FACT: Hhe was Angelina Jolie’s first husband)

Sean Murray is 42 (“NCIS,” “The Random Years,” “Harts of the West”)

Sam Waterston is 79 (“Capricorn One,” “The Killing Fields,” “Law & Order,” “The Newsroom”)

Shailene Woodley is 28 (“Secret Life of the American Teenager,” “Divergent,” “The Fault in Our Stars”)

The late Whitman Mayo(1930-2001)…he would have been 89.(Best known as "Sanford & Son's" Grady Wilson, he also made a number of television and film appearances until he passed.)


o.B is 31 (born Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr.)

Petula Clark is 87

Karen Clark-Sheard is 59

Rapper E-40 is 52 (His given name, Earl Stevens)

Nick Fradiani is 34 (FAST FACT: He won the 14thseason of “American Idol”)

Jack Ingram is 49

Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger is 45 (FAST FACT: While he and wife Avril Lavigne announced their separation in September 2015, itappeared as though they’d since reconciledthanks to a number of appearances and performances together. While she’s been spotted dating, their divorce has never been finalized.)

ABBA’s Frida Lyngstad is 74

The Shins’ drummer Jesse Sandoval is 45

Jeffree Star is 34 (born Jeffrey Lynn Steininger)

The Wu-Tang Clan’s late Ol' Dirty Bastard (born Russell Tyrone Jones)(1968-2004)…he would have been 51

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