Neil Young Turns 74 Today


Lourdes Benedicto is 45 (“NYPD Blue,” “24,” “The Nine”)

Ryan Gosling is 39 (“Mickey Mouse Club,” “The Notebook,” “The Ides of March,” “Gangster Squad”)

Anne Hathaway is 37 (“The Princess Diaries,” “Brokeback Mountain,” “The Devil Wears Prada,” “The Intern,” “Alice In Wonderland”)

Tamala Jones is 45 (“Two Can Play That Game,” “Kingdom Come,” “Castle”)

Alexandra Lara is 41 (“Control,” “The Reader,” “Downfall”)

Radha Mitchell is 46 (“Finding Neverland,” “Silent Hill,” “Phone Booth,” “The Crazies”)

Megan Mullally is 61 (“Will & Grace,” “G.B.F.,” “The Kings of Summer“)

Yvonne Nelson is 34(Wiki says 1982 which would make her 36, although Yahoo says 1985 which would make her 33)(“Playboy,” “The Princess Tyra”)

Cote de Pablo is 40 (“The Street,” “NCIS,” “The 33”)

Craig Parker is 49 (“Lord of the Rings,” “Spartacus,” “Reign”)

Wallace Shawn is 76 (“My Dinner with Andre,” “The Princess Bride,” “Gossip Girl”)

Ashley Williams is 41 (“Indian Summer,” “Good Morning, Miami,” “The Jim Gaffigan Show”)

The late Kim Hunter(1922 – 2002) …she would have been 97(“Planet of the Apes,” “A Streetcar Named Desire”)

The late Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco(1929-1982)…she would have been 90 (“Dial M for Murder,” “To Catch a Thief”) (Kelly retired from acting at the age of 26 to marry Prince Rainier of Monaco and began her duties as Princess – and became as much of a royal to many Americans. She died tragically at the age of 52 following a car accident that resulted from her having a stroke – she was driving, had the event and drove off the steep, winding road and down a 120-foot mountainside. Following her death, Ranier has refused to remarry.)


Tevin Campbell is 43

Megadeth’s David Ellefson is 55

Omarion is 35 (born Omari Ishmael Grandberry)

Milky Chance’s Clemens Rehbein is 27(that’s according to

Omar Rudberg is 21

Neil Young is 74 

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