Hurricane Sandy Makes Historic Landfall Seven Years Ago Today

Today in 1833, the first US college fraternity to have a fraternity house was founded.

Today in 1929, the bottom fell out of Wall Street in the stock market crash that brought on the Great Depression.It was called "Black Tuesday" as prices dropped in panic selling. Thousands were left instantly poor and the "Roaring Twenties" came to an end. The Depression would last almost ten years.

Today in 1960, Cassius Clay made his professional boxing debut. Three years later, he was the heavyweight champion of the world.

Today in 1981, "Gimme A Break!" starring Nell Carter,debuted on NBC-TV.

Today in 1982, "The New Odd Couple," starring Ron Glass and Demond Wilson debuted on ABC-TV.

Today in 1992, a Washington state law prohibiting the sale of "erotic" music to minors was declared unconstitutional.

Today in 1993, "Diagnosis Murder" debuted on CBS-TV.

Today in 1993, the movie, "The Nightmare Before Christmas,"was released in theaters nationwide.

Today in 1994, Francisco Martin Duran fired more than two-dozen shots at the White House while standing on Pennsylvania Ave. Duran was later convicted of trying to kill President Clinton.

Today in 1998, director James Orr was sentenced to three years probation and ordered to do 100 hours of community service for slamming Farrah Fawcett's head to the ground and choking her during a fight.

Today in 1998, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman accepted a substantial settlement from “the Express Newspapers”in London for an article that was printed in 1997. The piece claimed that both were homosexual and their marriage was a sham to cover the truth.

Today in 1998, in Freehold, New Jersey, Melissa Drexler was sentenced to 15 years in prison for strangling her baby after giving birth in the bathroom at her senior prom. She was released in November 2001 – after serving only little over three years.

Today in 1998, the space shuttle Discovery blasted off with John Glenn on board. Glenn was the oldest man to go into space at the age of 77. In 1962, he had been the first American to orbit the Earth.

Today in 1999, the film, "Music of the Heart,"movie was released in theaters nationwide.

Today in 2004, the Arabic news network Al Jazeera broadcasted an excerpt from a video of Osama bin Laden admitted direct responsibility for the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Today in 2011, a record-breaking snowstorm in the northeastleft nearly 2-million residents without power for more than 36 hours.

Today in 2012, Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey resulting in 110 deaths and $50-billion in damages and forced the New York stock exchange to close.

Today in 2014, the San Francisco Giants won the 2014 World Series. Madison Bumgarner was named the World Series MVP.

Today in 2015, China announced the end of their one-child policy after 35-years.

Today in 2018, Lion Air flight JT 610 crashed into the sea just after takeoff near Jakarta, Indonesia– killing all 189 on board.

Today in 2018,Japan’s Imperial Highness Princess Ayako married commoner Kei Moriya at Meiji Shrine in Tokyo – and in doing so, gave up her royal status. The move illuminated the inequity of marriage in the country’s royal family: men are allowed to marry commoners without issue, but women must renounce their titles. She is now known as Ayako Moriya.

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