U.S.S. Cole Suffers Deadly Attack 19 Years Ago Today

Today 1773, America's first asylum for 'Persons of Insane and Disordered Minds'opened in Virginia.

Today in 1850, the first women's medical school – Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania –opened its doors.

Today in 1915, Theodore Roosevelt criticized US citizens who identified themselves with dual nationalities.

Today in 1972,46 sailors were injured inrace riot on aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk. It is considered the first and only mutiny in the history of the United States Navy.

Today in 1973, President Nixon nominated House minority leader Gerald R. Ford to succeed Spiro T. Agnewas Vice President. Fordwas sworn in December 6th.

Today in 1987, the“Forbes” magazine list of "The 400 Richest Americans"ranked Sam Walton, founder of WalMart Stores, as the richest, with a net worth $8.5-billion. The current "richest American" is Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos (who at last check is worth $153.4-billion). When Walton died of cancer in 1992, he willed a fortune of more than $100-billion to his heirs…and today, the Walton family is still the wealthiest family in America, according to Forbes, with a combined net worth of roughly $140-billion as of late 2017.

Today in 1989, the US House of Representatives approved a statutory federal ban on desecration of the American flag. However,the Senate defeated the measure a week later.

Today in 1998, Matthew Shepard, a gay University of Wyoming student,died five days after being found beaten and lashed to a fence; two men were charged with his murder. Russell Henderson later pleaded guilty to murder and kidnapping. A second suspect, Aaron McKinney, was later found not guilty of premeditated murder, but guilty of felony murder. While that might’ve meant death, Shepard's parents brokered a deal that resulted in McKinney receiving two consecutive life terms without the possibility of parole.

Today in 1999, according to estimates by the United Nations,the world's population hit 6-billion. The new benchmark comes 12 years after the last billion. It took 13 years for the billion before that. We currently stand at about 7.6-billion.

Today in 2000, the USS Cole was attacked while refueling in Aden, Yemen. The explosion was later determined to have been a terrorist attack using a small boat. 17 crew members were killed and at least 39 were injured.

Today in 2000, the US District Court in Denver, Colorado denied Timothy McVeigh's request for a new trial.

Today in 2001,a special episode of "America's Most Wanted"was aired that focused on 22 wanted terrorists. The show had specifically been requested by President George W. Bush.

Today in 2008,Anna Kournikova and Andy Roddick defeated Martina Navratilova and Jesse Levine in a match for charity, raising over $400-thousand for the Elton John AIDS Foundation and Atlanta AIDS Partnership Fund.

Today in 2017,a long lost bust of Napoleon by Auguste Rodin – worth at least $4-million –was found in the Madison borough hall, New Jersey. 

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