Strange, Never-Before-Seen Creature Filmed Swimming In Thailand

Many people believe that things like Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and the Chupacabra exist, even though they have never been captured or seen in anything besides some grainy photographs and videos. Now, there could be a new creature joining their ranks. Fisherman in Thailand filmed of a strange-looking animal swimming near their boat. The video can be seen at regular speed and then in slow motion to really get a good look at the critter, which many people think looks like a turtle without its shell, but turtles, of course, can't just take their shells off and go for a swim, so the footage is leaving viewers pretty perplexed.

Commenters had many suggestions. Some feel the animal is a fishing lure, a deformed turtle or a plant, others think it's half-octopus/half-seal, some suggested it's a Pokemon or "Yoshi," and a few said it's a new species or maybe even an alien. Then there are doubters who are certain that the animal is just a computer-generated image that someone with an overactive imagination created.

Whatever it is, it's pretty bizarre.

Photo: YouTube

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