Solon Police Blotter: Domestic Violence & 13-Year Girl Steals Parent's Car

Solon Police

Solon, OH - Solon Police was notified by dispatch that Bedford Police were in pursuit of a motorcycle which was not displaying license plates and was being operated in a reckless manner. The motorcycle turned north on Cochran while being pursued by Bedford. The motorcycle continued north until pulling into the Circle K station at the corner of Cochran and Aurora Roads. The Bedford unit followed the motorcycle into a dead end where the driver went off road through the grass onto Harper Rd. again. A Solon patrol unit now became the primary unit. The motorcycle failed to stop for a red light at Harper and Bainbridge roads and had to swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid pedestrians in a crosswalk. The motorcycle entered US 422 west but turned around at the top of the entrance ramp and went through the grass and now was headed south on Harper Rd. The pursuit was terminated at this point. As units were still in the area they were directed by witnesses to a business located at the end of Fountain Pkwy. The motorcycle was located at the business hidden between a parked car and the building. Personnel at the business indicated that the rider was inside and hiding.Officers entered the building and located the operator hidden on top of boxes.

A Solon Police officer attempted to stop a vehicle in the 34000 block of Bainbridge Rd. for displaying two different license plates. Upon activating the emergency lights on his patrol vehicle the vehicle accelerated and fled from the officer at a high rate of speed. The pursuit was terminated almost immediately for safety concerns. Through diligent police work, the officer was able to identify the driver based on video from the True North gas station along with a credit card receipt for items just purchased. Contact was made with the registered owner of the vehicle who at first denied being involved but subsequently admitted to being the driver. The driver turned himself in at the Solon Police Station.

Officers were dispatched to a home in the 37000 Block of Tidewater Dr. to investigate a complaint of Domestic Violence. The victim, the father of the suspect, reported that he had been involved in a verbal argument with his 21 year old son that turned physical when he tried to prevent his son from slamming a door and causing damage. While the victim was holding the door the suspect struck him 4 times with a flashlight. The victim did have visible injuries which were documented. The suspect had left the home prior to police arrival. He was contacted and responded to the police station where he was arrested for domestic violence.

A Solon Police officer on patrol observed a vehicle being operated on Bainbridge Rd. travelling eastbound which was driving left of center. After turning around to stop the vehicle, the driver accelerated to speeds in excess of 70 MPH in a 35 MPH zone on Bainbridge Rd. The driver slowed temporarily before accelerating again. The vehicle was stopped on Dorset Ln. The driver explained that he was driving in this manner because he thought he was being followed. The driver had a strong odor of an alcoholic about him and stated that he had consumed 1 beer. Field tests indicated impairment and the driver was arrested. At the police station the driver refused to submit to a breath test. His license was suspended immediately.

Solon police responded to a report of a burglary at a residential home. Upon arrival officer discovered that there were signs of forced entry into the home. While clearing the home of any suspects, officers found that the bedrooms had been ransacked. The home owners are compiling a list of missing items. The Solon Detective Bureau is investigating the case.

Solon Police were dispatched to the Signature of Solon Clubhouse to assist an off duty officer working a security detail at that location. Investigation revealed that there was an unwanted guest at the wedding reception and the off duty officer was trying to get him to leave. During this process a fight broke out in the parking lot between two males. As officers were attempting to break up the fight a large group of individuals formed and surrounded the area. Orders were given to disperse but were ignored. While attempting to arrest one of the combatants, the suspect’s pregnant girlfriend refused to leave the area and then spit on one of the police officers. Two additional attendees were cited for disorderly conduct.

Solon Police were dispatched to the scene of a one car crash at the intersection of SOM Ctr. and Cromwell. Upon arrival, the vehicle was found to be empty. As officers were checking the area they discovered a female walking in the 32000 block of N. Roundhead Dr. When the officer turned around to approach the female she walked up to a residence and rang the doorbell. After getting no answer, the female approached the patrol vehicle and identified herself as a 13 year old. The female stated that she had an argument with her mother and taken an Uber to her current location. Further questioning revealed that she had been the driver of the crashed vehicle and that she had taken the car without permission of her father. Before transporting the female to the police station, she removed a kitchen knife with a 7’ blade from the front of her pants. She was released to her parents and the case has been forwarded to the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court.

While Solon Police were at a residence in the 6600 Block of Edgemoor Ave. investigating a complaint they were interfered with by a resident of the home. While speaking with the complainant and another party involved, an adult male exited the house, lit a cigarette and opened a can of beer. The investigating officer felt that this male was already intoxicated by his mannerisms. As the officer was conducting his investigation and asking questions, the male kept interjecting comments and was repeatedly told that he was not part of the investigation and to step back into the house. The male grew more and more aggravated hurling profane language at the officers. The male was instructed one last time to go back into the house to which he replied “Fuck You”. It was at this point he was arrested. When asked his name he responded with “Fuck You”.When asked for his Social Security number he stated “eat a dick”. He was transported to the police station and charged with DOC.

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